Episode 11 - We're Back! by Eric Linder


It's a bit embarrassing that it's been more than a year since our last episode, but we are committed to posting new episodes at least twice a month. Thanks for your patience and perserverance!

Eric would thank to thank his friend, Psychologist Zachary Friedman for staying on his case about recording. Zachary has a great podcast about Psychology, The 50 Minute Hour. If you're interested in hearing great psychologists talk about their field, check it out!


The main topic in this episode has to do with threats. What do we do when we feel threatened? Craig & Eric talk about threats of violence as well as the threat of ideas or opinions.


Links & Resources for Episode 11

What is a Jericho March?

Father James Martin - @JamesMartinSJ

The Scariest Catholic in America





Episode 9 - Does God Have Favorites? by Eric Linder

When Craig & Eric recorded this episode, the Packers had just won an important NFL game. Did God want them to win? Does God choose some and not others? What might it mean that the Jews are the chosen people? 

After discussing this topic for 20 minutes, Craig & Eric start a new segment. Each briefly share a text and interpretation from their various traditions. 

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Episode 8 - One Marriage, Two Faith Traditions. by Eric Linder

Craig & Eric discuss what seems to be a recent rise in weddings that incorporate rituals from diverse religious traditions.

They discuss various perspectives on this including the unity candle, the jewish wedding canopy, and the stomping on a glass.

In this brief episode, Craig & Eric talk about how clergy act sometimes as  "gatekeepers,"  and whether or not clergy should do premarital counseling. Eric manages to bring a Curb Your Enthusiasm reference in toward the end. Enjoy the podcast. And we ask you, dear listeners, IS inter-commingling a word?!


Episode 7 - Election Grit by Eric Linder

Greetings everyone, and Happy New Year!

We are back. So sorry for the long delay between episodes!

In this episode, Craig & Eric talk about the aftermath of the presidential election, especially with regard to how it may effect faith communications.

You may notice that we skipped an episode, and went from episode 5 straight to this episode, numbered 7. Eric has yet to edit episode 6, and since this episode is a bit more timely, we decided to post this one first. 



Episode 5 - "Why Does God Make us Dead?" by Eric Linder

In this episode, Craig and Eric explore death from their various religious perspectives. Some questions that are discussed: Why do we die? Does God cause us to die? The discussion brings up  concepts of what it means to live a righteous life, life after death, reconciliation. 

A listener points out that the word heretics is made up of the letters for both "Chester" and "Eric." Interesting, no?!

They conclude by talking about some memorable & emotional moments from the olympics, and Craig teases Eric for not knowing who Nick Saban is.

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Jennifer Michael Hecht - author of Doubt

Jennifer Michael Hecht - Stay (A History of Suicide & Arguments Against it)

On Being episode w/ Jennifer Michael Hecht - Suicide, and our Hope for Our Future Selves

Craig mentioned video of Colombian weightlifter

Tennis player Eric mentioned 

Egyptian judo competitor that refused to shake Israeli athlete's hand 

The rich man and lazarus

"Death has lost its sting"

Craig's book suggestion: Being Mortal

Eric's book suggestion: The Death of Death


Spanish word of the week - angelo (longing)

Hebrew word of the week - T'suvah (return, repentance)


Episode 4 - Is the Bible True? by Eric Linder

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Eric & Craig riff about what God's voice may or may not be before launching into the subject for the week: Is the Bible perfect? Is it true? What are the ramifications if it is true or if it isn't true, and what might that mean anyway?

Notes and links for this episode.

Talks between Rob Bell & Pete Rollins on the nature of God

Further learning on the concept of the Shechinah (God's presence felt in the world)

Jewish prohibition of shatnez (prohibition of combining wool and linen)

Emet (Truth) being the "seal" of God - Hebrew for Christians (great site!)

Presbyterian Hymnal, Live into Hope

Theological concept of 2nd Naïveté

Episode 3 - The Only Name that Matters?! by Eric Linder

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Eric and Craig talk with each other about interfaith activities. They share thoughts on an interfaith service that Eric & Craig recently attended. Eric asks, Do we believe in the same God? and they riff from there.

Notes and Links for this Episode.

URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) Camp Coleman

Omaha, Nebraska's Trifaith Initiative

Eric pronounced it right: tetragrammaton

Rabbi Linder's NAACP interfaith service speech on the topic of love

Craig referenced this book: Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt

Trailer for Religulous


Episode 2 - Do Politics and Religion Mix? by Eric Linder

Join Eric & Craig as they discuss the somewhat muddy mixture of politics and religion.

Do politics belong on the pulpit? How do clergy maintain their integrity while also serving congregants with diverse beliefs? What is the role of the prophetic tradition from the Bible? 

Please join the conversation - send your thoughts to info@godinthegrit or on Twitter at @godinthegrit. Enjoy the episode!

Notes and Links for This Episode.

Who Was Rashi?

Acts chapter 15 & controversy regarding circumcision

On being podcast dealing with abortion

  • Great questions to think about: "What is it about your position that you struggle with? What is it about the other position that is attractive"

Union for Reform Judaism's Religious Action Center - RAC

Come Together Against Hate (Facebook Group)

Episode 1 - Why "God in the Grit?" by Eric Linder

A rabbi and a reverend walk into a podcast ...

In this first episode, Eric & Craig (a rabbi and a presbyterian reverend) discuss the title of the podcast, God in the Grit. 

Eric & Craig talk about grits, God, breakfast, Bela Fleck, and clergy experiences. As Craig says, "we're taking the curtain away." Or as Eric says, "It's not a kosher analogy, but you can see how the sausage is made."

Craig discusses his "sense of call" to work in ministry, and Eric talks about his journey to become a rabbi.

They get a bit Biblical, and Craig learns some new Hebrew words (Lech L'cha - go forth).

Craig and Eric conclude that there is a lot to talk about. As Craig suggests, they will "save it for the podcast,"