Episode 1 - Why "God in the Grit?" / by Eric Linder

A rabbi and a reverend walk into a podcast ...

In this first episode, Eric & Craig (a rabbi and a presbyterian reverend) discuss the title of the podcast, God in the Grit. 

Eric & Craig talk about grits, God, breakfast, Bela Fleck, and clergy experiences. As Craig says, "we're taking the curtain away." Or as Eric says, "It's not a kosher analogy, but you can see how the sausage is made."

Craig discusses his "sense of call" to work in ministry, and Eric talks about his journey to become a rabbi.

They get a bit Biblical, and Craig learns some new Hebrew words (Lech L'cha - go forth).

Craig and Eric conclude that there is a lot to talk about. As Craig suggests, they will "save it for the podcast,"