Episode 5 - "Why Does God Make us Dead?" / by Eric Linder

In this episode, Craig and Eric explore death from their various religious perspectives. Some questions that are discussed: Why do we die? Does God cause us to die? The discussion brings up  concepts of what it means to live a righteous life, life after death, reconciliation. 

A listener points out that the word heretics is made up of the letters for both "Chester" and "Eric." Interesting, no?!

They conclude by talking about some memorable & emotional moments from the olympics, and Craig teases Eric for not knowing who Nick Saban is.

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Jennifer Michael Hecht - author of Doubt

Jennifer Michael Hecht - Stay (A History of Suicide & Arguments Against it)

On Being episode w/ Jennifer Michael Hecht - Suicide, and our Hope for Our Future Selves

Craig mentioned video of Colombian weightlifter

Tennis player Eric mentioned 

Egyptian judo competitor that refused to shake Israeli athlete's hand 

The rich man and lazarus

"Death has lost its sting"

Craig's book suggestion: Being Mortal

Eric's book suggestion: The Death of Death


Spanish word of the week - angelo (longing)

Hebrew word of the week - T'suvah (return, repentance)